Meet the team: Key Tang, Business Manager

Let us introduce Key Tang, Business Manager. Key manages the business team at our Shenzhen office.

Can you tell us about your role as a Business Manager at SHAOKE?

My main role is managing the Chinese domestic business team, which includes several key responsibilities. Firstly, I focus on building and nurturing the team, empowering them to improve their sales capabilities and industry connections. Secondly, I manage risk by screening domestic counterparts and logistics clients. Another major part of my job involves adjusting the overall strategy of the business team, including acquiring the top domestic clients on the business side, monitoring major service quality issues, and resolving issues.

What motivated you to pursue a career in logistics?

The broader direction that the industry is heading in, excites me. China’s manufacturing industry still holds significant advantages, with high-quality products, manufacturing capabilities, and plenty labor resources. We currently see a shift from low to mid-end products, to now high-end products gradually entering overseas markets. And beyond products, the expansion of China’s commercial platforms, such as TikTok, is noteworthy. These platforms serve as global marketplaces where Chinese merchants act as suppliers, facilitating the worldwide distribution of (Chinese) goods.

How would you describe the SHAOKE team culture?

In our team, we strive for openness and willingness to share. Colleagues are always happy to share information and insights among themselves. Our team’s style is also generally low-key and practical. We don’t engage in empty talk; instead, we focus more on our own areas, serving customers, expanding our client base, and providing better solutions for our clients.

Cross-team collaboration is very important in our field, on a daily basis you’re engaging with different departments. Our company culture emphasizes cooperation and mutual respect between departments. We don’t have the kind of internal competition that exists in some traditional or old-fashioned companies.

What advice would you give to someone starting SHAOKE’s business team?

The logistics industry is unique, so it’s important that as a newcomer in the field, you learn proactively and enthusiastically. Learning is very important, through your own personal effort and by learning from your environment and leadership. However, everyone’s time and energy are limited, so it must be a gradual process of climbing the ladder step by step.

But also, staying confident and passionate about what you do. Because our company serves top-tier clients in the logistics industry, the process of developing new clients, negotiating with them, and polishing service details and pricing challenges takes time. Staying enthusiastic and believing in oneself and the company helps overcome challenges and succeed in the end.

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