Our People

Meet the Management

Stone Chen, Co-founder & CEO

“We started SHAOKE to provide an economical one-stop solution for Europe’s rising e-commerce package delivery requests. Since then, the world has been changing vigorously and this has imposed an enormous impact on global businesses. But for us, it reinforced our social and business values, and we are excited to be in a great spot to turn these challenges into opportunities for our clients, business partners, and ourselves.”

Dennis Cheung, Co-founder

“The logistics industry Takes Up 10%~15% Of The Global GDP and is one of the lifelines of any economy in the world. It’s also one of the most fascinating industries with a long-lasting requirement for Continuous innovations. SHAOKE is still a comparably young player but it doesn’t make us only the follower. We build long-term strategies and spare no effort in innovations to allow our clients to deliver to their customers.”

Arun Yao, GM

“In a world full of chaos, a critical responsibility of a company like ours is to look beyond the status quo and discover new opportunities for our clients to grow revenue and reduce cost, not just via an optimized supply chain management, but also data-based insight and judgement. This in turn drives our business exploration into better directions, which helps us always stay ahead of the game. “

Empowered & Motivated

Since 2015, 20% of our employees have been with us for over 3 years

Our annual turnover rate is less than 2%.

We ensure our people are reaching their fullest potential every day through organizational training & guidance.

We managed to cultivate a transparent culture where employees feel encouraged to showcase their ideas.

We encourage lifelong learning and help our people to become capable professionals and managers.

Health & Safety

We uphold the principle of Healthy & Safety, by providing our employees a safe working place free from danger, bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

For our people working at the frontline, we provide the necessary tools and knowledge that minimize the risks while improving efficiency.

Diversity & Gender

Our corporate value “be inclusive and respect diversity” has been guiding us to create a healthy, fair, and positive environment that fosters personal growth for all, regardless of their nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Each year, we strengthen and reaffirm our commitment to equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion, in the most important corporate events, or via a CEO letter.