Yes we do provide drop shipping services but only for shipping from our Europe logistics centers.

Unfortunately no. We cover all your logistics requests from the moment when you goods arrive at any Europe port. But for those parts before that, you need to schedule by yourselves.

We assure you of the most reliable service. We have been operating in Europe since 2015 and our credibility is proven by the fact that we’ve been working with many top names across industries.

We are a group company with our headquarters based in Singapore. We also have our Chinese office based in Shenzhen and several Europe entities at different locations. 

Yes we do and it’s a growing part of our business. In fact, we are cooperating with several main e-commerce platforms in Europe but because of confidentiality agreements, we cannot reveal their names.

We sure do. We have full API support documents and our internal IT team will be providing necessary help upon request. 

100% yes. It doesn’t matter where you are based, as long as you have business in Europe and require logistics services there, we’ll be there for you.

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