Customs Services

Single Entry Point

Hand over the goods to SHAOKE at any European entry point and consider the rest done.


Choose our self-operated customs clearance service at the Port of Leipzig, Germany, and enjoy a much more transparent and controlled process.

Care-free Arrival and Handling

Review and inspection, product classification, cargo sorting, filing and licenses, regulatory compliance, document imaging, EDI solutions, and more.

Trucking Solutions

Route Planning

Identify and coordinate the best routes in terms of speed, cost, and reliability.

Inland Transportation

Take goods to your assigned destinations with our holistic line haul and distribution network.

Last-mile Delivery

Strong Delivery Network

80+ and growing carefully curated European regional last-mile couriers.

Your Economical Option

Guaranteed cost savings and satisfactory experiences. Get ready for even more discounts driven by our ongoing tech optimization

99.9% European Coverage

Reach a wider customer base.


Service Checkboxes

Picking, packing, labeling, kitting, assembly…

Better Warehousing

Faster respondence and more secure & economical service from our self-operating warehouses at key locations pan Europe.

Cater for Your Business

E-Commerce FBA/FBM, B2B, and Omni-channel fulfillment across Europe

Propel Your Sales in Europe

With our vast local network and a proven record of successful e-commerce distribution for dozens of products over multiple regional portals, we are able to help you establish an extra sales pillar in your business canvas, and gain new growth at a cost that increases your overall ROI in no time

Clear Your Dead Inventory

We can help clear your dead inventory via various offline and online channels, so you have a better cash flow, while avoiding the potential damage to your brands

Contract Logistics

Holistic Process

End-to-end supply chain solution design & management.

Verified Credibility

Recognized by top players across industries.

All-round Experience

Professionals with over 20 years of in-depth experience.

Extensive Network

A reliable network of 120+ top-rated global courier partners.

Your In-house Experts

We work with you from the beginning, just like an in-house team who cares about your business target.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do provide drop shipping services but only for shipping from our Europe logistics centers.

Unfortunately no. We cover all your logistics requests from the moment when you goods arrive at any Europe port. But for those parts before that, you need to schedule by yourselves.

We assure you of the most reliable service. We have been operating in Europe since 2015 and our credibility is proven by the fact that we’ve been working with many top names across industries.

We are a group company with our headquarters based in Singapore. We also have our Chinese office based in Shenzhen and several Europe entities at different locations.