Meet the team: Jenny Chan, Customs Shift Leader at SHAOKE Netherlands

Meet Jenny Chan, Customs Shift Leader at SHAOKE Netherlands. Jenny oversees the Customs team at SHAOKE’s Dutch location.

In our conversation, Jenny shares her enthusiasm for working in an international and culturally diverse team and explains why it’s such an asset. She also discusses the strong feedback culture within her team and highlights the development and growth opportunities available at SHAOKE.

Could you describe your role as Customs Shift Leader?

In my role as a Customs Shift Lead, I oversee the Customs team and ensure all customs-related tasks are handled effectively and provide support to my team.

Collaboration across teams is an important part of my job. I communicate and coordinate on a daily basis with different departments, including the operations and transportation team, to make sure operations run smoothly. I also work closely with the Customs Lead and the General Manager of the Netherlands office to regularly reflect on our performance as a team and identify areas for improvement.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

That would be working with an amazing, international team. I work with colleagues from the Netherlands, Surinam, China, and other nationalities. It’s wonderful to engage with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. In my opinion, this diversity is an important asset to our team because different perspectives enable us to see things from different angles.

The logistics industry is very dynamic and fast-paced. Situations change daily, sometimes even hourly, so there are often new challenges to tackle. Because our team is eager to improve our performance, we’re constantly challenged to think outside the box and seek creative solutions. The satisfaction of working towards a shared goal and achieving breakthroughs is very fulfilling, something I really enjoy.

What opportunities for growth and development have you encountered at SHAOKE?

We have a strong ‘feedback culture’ in our team. My manager regularly provides me with constructive and effective feedback. This helps me understand my strengths, areas for improvement, and how I can grow.

Recently, I’ve been involved in a software project. Communicating with the IT team, simultaneously with the business side, and making sure everyone is aligned, this was quite new to me. However, my manager trusted in my abilities and offered me this opportunity to learn and grow.

Everyone in our team is open to different opinions, regardless of their role or experience. This flat structure helps me improve and develop further in my career.

What advice would you give to someone starting in your field?

In logistics, it’s very important to stay open-minded because things can follow one course for a while, then completely change direction the next day. So, it’s important to maintain an open mind and embrace new challenges with optimism. Trust that things will improve or that solutions will be found. And lastly, it’s essential to always be willing to learn and grow, continually seeking ways to improve.

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