Meet the Team: Jack Wang, Project Manager

For the latest Meet the Team episode, we chat with Jack Wang, Project Manager, about his role in managing large Chinese platform customers.

Discover what motivates his interest in logistics and project management. Plus, get a glimpse into the energetic team culture at SHAOKE and see how the company’s values drive its path to becoming a trusted global logistics partner.

Can you tell us about your role as a project manager at SHAOKE?

As a project manager, I’m primarily responsible for platform customers like Temu and Shein. My main responsibilities include coordinating between different departments, from handling business negotiations, maintaining customer relationships, to analyzing market trends, and managing output, revenue, and profit.

This role demands a lot from a person. It requires strong business thinking and negotiation skills, a deep understanding of the industry and customers, and the ability to coordinate internally. This means knowing the roles and responsibilities of each department and having the skill to drive initiatives forward.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The project manager role involves working with both external businesses and internal teams. This helps me stay on top of market trends and provide valuable insights for the company’s strategic decisions.

This position has given me extensive training and helped me grow in many ways. I enjoy this continuous growth and want to show the value I can bring to the company.

What led you to pursue a career in logistics and project management?

I entered the cross-border logistics industry in 2021 because, as cross-border e-commerce grows and becomes more systematic, the demand for logistics will continue to rise. Considering market trends, both from a business and logistics perspective, the cross-border logistics industry is set for long-term growth.

The role of project manager interests me because it allows me to engage directly with the market and ensure high service quality. This role helps me grow professionally and personally by providing value and gaining recognition and satisfaction from my work.

How would you describe the SHAOKE team culture?

The company’s inclusiveness and the variety of daily activities have made me feel the vitality and warmth of SHAOKE. It’s also worth noting that SHAOKE’s values and advanced ESG principles will help the company gradually become the world’s most trusted logistics solution partner.

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