Disturbulence/Covid-19 Updates

It’s in Disturbances That Our Value to Maintain Your Supply Chain Stability is Displayed.

The COVID-19 situation is still evolving globally after 3 years. Combined with the regional conflicts, economic instabilities, and the aftermaths like shortage of workforce in many countries, it has caused great trouble to global supply chain status.

SHAOKE is committed to always doing the right things for our clients even if it’s hard. We pay close attention to global events and have regular analyses of their abrupt and expected longer-term impact on logistics and global supply chains.  These observations will directly translate into our actions to inject confidence into our clients’ operations and soothe their anxieties in delivering promises. 

Problems occasionally happen despite all, but our teams are working closely with our global carrier partners to find solutions and options. 

“We don’t treat ourselves as service providers only. On a higher level, we are the in-house supply chain team for our clients. We have to think every possible way to map out the best routes in maintaining  efficiency while keeping the business flow.”

– Stone Chen, CEO, SHAOKE Logistics

We have to thank our most valuable clients who share with us their understanding of the industry and their goodwill during turbulences. On another note, our 120+ global courier partners also lay the foundation for us to operate at our usual standard and they owe a fair portion of the credit.

As a young but fast-growing logistics brand,  SHAOKE is more than excited to help at this difficult time. 

If you have any questions, please contact your SHAOKE account manager or local office.