Customer Growth Dynamics: The Most Desirable Logistics Locations in Europe

These countries hold the utmost significance for being the new hubs for the logistics industry in Europe.

The European logistics market is rapidly evolving. Supply chains are being reformed, economies are growing, and e-commerce is gaining momentum. Logistics businesses must make sound decisions based on availability and closeness to economic networks.

To ride the tide of logistics expansion, authorities should stimulate infrastructure investment and the availability of a competent workforce. Besides, investors must grasp these long-term demand factors. While other factors (such as supply dynamics and cap rate compression) are essential for long-term value development, knowing customer dynamics and alterations in logistics networks is critical for making the proper investment choice. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Immediate access to important consumer centers is pivotal.
  • Having the most populated centers with the highest consumption
  • Rising significance of labor, either in terms of proximity (as in the Netherlands) or cost (as in Poland).

SHAOKE Logistics suggests some ideal locations for a successful logistics business across Europe. These are:

The Ideal Locations

United Kingdom

The logistics market in the United Kingdom differs from that of continental Europe. London and the Midlands are two of the essential marketplaces. Because of the scale of its customer base, London naturally scores well amongst other countries. The Midlands receives high marks not just for its accessibility to customers (East outperformed West) but also for infrastructure and municipal assistance for the logistics industry.


Germany has regularly ranked as a top logistics hotspot as Europe’s economic engine. The population and logistics markets are dispersed throughout several markets. Düsseldorf Rhein-Ruhr, Central Germany, Frankfurt, Cologne Bonn, and Hamburg are the top markets (in order). Proximity to commerce from Northern European ports and delivery to places throughout Germany, as well as the presence of a significant customer base, were differentiators.


The Netherlands has continuously ranked as a top destination at a crossroads of commerce inside and into Europe. Venlo, Rotterdam, Amsterdam-Schiphol, and Central Brabant are the leading markets (in order). Respondents classified these markets based on their proximity to crucial consumer hubs (e.g., Venlo vs. Rotterdam), infrastructure, and municipal support for the logistics business.


Since opening its national boundaries, this logistics market has risen significantly. The expansion of the consumer class and the increase in industrial activity mean that both ends of the supply chain drive logistics. Poland has been ranked as a top-3 country owing to its unique value offering, closeness to Western Europe, and substantial transportation infrastructure. Central Poland-Lodz (top 5 location), Krakow, Wroclaw, and West Poland are among the top markets, each with a unique combination of these characteristics.

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