The Future of Europe’s Logistics Industry in the Urban Cities

Find out how Europe’s logistics amalgamate into the city of tomorrow.

The logistics market of Europe has experienced a spike in demand in 2021. Driven by household consumption and corporate expenditure, it is expected to rebound significantly. In addition, European logistics experienced a massive upsurge, notably in the digital domain, garnering 25% of the worldwide investment.

Indeed, the tendency to construct homes and workplaces within cities has moved logistical activities further away from the city center during the previous few decades. Nonetheless, with changing expectations around urban logistics, the activity is returning to the city center and assimilating into the city’s environment.

But the real deal is how logistics can be reintroduced into our modern metropolises. One method is to look at structures within the city that are no longer in use, such as factories or warehouses. The plan is to convert them while guaranteeing that their activity stays within the purview of ‘productivity,’ promoting the concept of a productive city.

The balance of different activities and elements is a way to fit the European logistics sector into the urban world. For this reason, SHAOKE Logistics suggests:

Multi-story Buildings

Building higher means more open space within cities. We can create more green areas in the towns by constructing multi-story logistics buildings, which will be pleasurable to experience while aiding in the battle against climate change.

Role of Tenants

Europe has seen drastic rental growth over time with a critical market trend and hence sustains Europe’s substantial capital. All markets are seeing robust take-up growth. It means that the logistics sector’s performance is expected to be more driven in urban cities by tenant solutions that enhance supply chain resilience to meet a sudden surge in demand for logistics activities.

Within-continent Investment

Regarding the investment cycle, Europe witnessed a record year with arou

nd €65 billion in take-up. It was a 51% rise over the previous year and a significant increase over the years before Covid. Thus, the logistics sector will likely see a well-integrated future by adopting investment regimes within the continent.

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