Storage Charges

Storage charges may apply to your shipment even if you don’t plan on putting your shipment into storage.

What are storage charges? 

Storage charges are the cost of holding a shipment at a location (warehouse, CES, etc) and will be on the final invoice if applicable. 

Storage charges may apply for a few reasons, including: 

  • Your shipment is selected for a¬†customs exam, and has to be put into storage while waiting for Customs release
  • Your shipment is going to¬†Amazon FBA¬†and has to be put into storage because of an extended delay in pickup by an¬†Amazon-partnered carrier¬†
  • Your shipment requires a¬†pre-pull¬†and has to be stored at the trucker‚Äôs yard
  • You are opting to¬†put your shipment into storage¬†before shipping it to Amazon¬†FBA

What’s the difference between demurrage and storage charges?

Terminals will assess a hefty demurrage fee for containers not picked up from the port before the Last Free Day to discourage storing containers at the port for more than a few days. Storage charges cover the cost of actually storing shipments.