POA (Power of Attorney)

The importer of record must sign a POA to give Flexport the ability to move a shipment and clear it through customs.

What is a POA? 

A Customs Power of Attorney is a legal document authorizing Flexport LLC to conduct Customs business on your behalf. Flexport cannot clear a shipment through Customs without a signed POA. This only applies to imports to the U.S. and to the Netherlands; all other imports will require you sign one of our partner’s POAs.

In the case of customs clearance, this refers to the authorization required to be given to the customs broker on behalf of the importer or exporter.

This document is necessary to conduct customs business on the importer’s behalf, and may need to be renewed depending on the details of the contract.

Who signs the POA?

The POA must be signed by an officer of the company. Who has the authority to sign a POA may depend on the type of company (corporation, LLC, etc), so confirm with a company officer if you are unsure.

When is the POA signed?

The POA is signed at the time of onboarding. Whoever is onboarding the company must  send the officer of the company a link to sign the POA. 

EU companies importing into the U.S. will require a witness secondary signature to sign the POA. The witness must also be an officer of the company.