Dry Run

A dry run is a trucking term for when the trucker cannot complete pickup or delivery.

What is a dry run? 

A dry run is when a trucker is not able to successfully complete the pickup or delivery of a shipment. The trucker will charge full price for the extra trip.

Why do dry runs happen?

Dry runs can occur for a few reasons, including:

  • Port congestion. Sometimes, especially during¬†peak season¬†and¬†Chinese New Year preparations, ports are so congested that truckers are unable to pick up a shipment on the first try.¬†
  • Cargo has not been released. If the trucker arrives to pick up a shipment but the cargo is not ready for pickup, the trucker will charge for a dry run.

Dry run charges are unknown at the time of quoting, but will be included on the final invoice if applicable.