At SHAOKE, We Believe Technology is the True Transforming Power to Drive the Industry to its Next Level.






SHAOKE CBS(Cross-Boarder System) is a powerful infrustructure streamlining the data exchange and presentation in the full logistics process, and empowering faster, smarter, and more reliable decisions generating better business results for clients.

The system bridges DTC websites, e-commerce platforms and first-haul logistics providers, etc., with SHAOKE’s wide-spread facilities pan Europe and own capabilities, as well as the extensive local partner network.

SHAOKE CBS is built on the basis of big data and takes genuineness as its principle. It collects, stores, computes, and distributes data via cluster computing mechanism to ensure that every bit of change in the business process can be securely traced.

Clients are also able to check the timeliness and performance of the entire transportation process in the admin panel, with the help of the Big Data Engine, so as to adjust their services plan and delivery strategy in alliance with their business adjustment.