Sustainability is an integral part of our business operations.


We prioritize the usage of higher-efficiency e-vehicles running on zero-emission electricity over traditional vehicles, whenever possible, in our operation.

Internal Training

We include environment-related training in our corporate-level training scheme across all our offices in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and China, to drive the environmental awareness of our employees in our daily operations and outside the office.

The Green Playbook

To better guide the actions and behaviors of our employees, we issued the SHAOKE Green Playbook v1.0. It illustrated the best practices in our daily lives, office, and industries.

This Green Playbook is on-goingly updated along with our business’s development.

People are our most valuable resource. We care, protect, and grow them.

Empowered & Motivated Talents

In a company with only seven years’ history, 20% of our employees have been with us for over three years.

Our annual turnover rate is less than 2%.

Through organizational training and guidance, we ensure that our people reach their fullest potential daily.

We managed to cultivate an open and transparent culture where employees felt encouraged to express themselves.

Health & Safety Policy

We uphold the principle of Healthy & Safety firmly by providing our employees with a safe working place free from danger, bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, and discrimination. 

Diversity & Gender Equality

Our corporate value “be inclusive and respect diversity” has been guiding us to create a healthy, fair, and positive environment that fosters personal growth for all, regardless of their nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Each year, we strengthen and reaffirm our commitment to equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion, in the most important corporate events, or via a CEO letter.

SHAOKE is built to last, thus a high governance standard for ourselves.


  • Integrity
  • Respect local laws and different cultures
  • Individual rights
  • Data privacy
  • Taxes

Responsible Procurement

Supplier Code of Conduct
Conflict of interest
Ensure a unified understanding of our sustainability objectives